NI Water plans mean free car park for town


Northern Ireland Water is to use land at the rear of Ballycastle’s Sheskburn House as a compound during the construction of a Water Water Treatment Works for the town AND turn the compound into an extra car park for the resort on completion of the project.

Members of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council’s Environment Committee agreed to a request from NI Water during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Director of Environmental Services Aidan McPeak told members: “Correspondence has been received from NI Water in relation to work associated with the construction of the Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW) in Ballycastle...and relates to the request for Council to allow the land behind Sheskburn House to be used as a

compound during construction of the WWTW.

“Moyle District Council had agreed to the use of this area if negotiations failed with an adjacent landowner. NI Water have been unable to complete a deal with the landowner and as such are asking Causeway Coast & Glens Council to approve the use of the land during their construction works.

“Due to the lack of car parking space in Ballycastle Seafront area, officers have asked NI Water to leave the area in a position that it can be utilised as a car park post construction.”

Cllr Kieran Mulholland said the issue had been a “long running saga” and added that the treatment works was long overdue.

He said that NI Water had “messed up” negotiations with the landowner and had “failed to deliver” for Ballycastle.

Cllr George Duddy proposed accepting the request saying: “We are getting something for nothing in the shape of a car park”.

Cllr Sandra Hunter seconded the proposal saying that the treatment works was “badly needed for Ballycastle”. All members agreed.