NI Water give update on north coast

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Councillors welcomed a presentation by Northern Ireland Water recently, updating them on investment in projects at Ballycastle and Ballintoy.

The new wastewater plant at Ballycastle will be NI Water’s biggest investment and it, along with the new wastewater treatment plant at Ballintoy, are expected to get underway in 2016.

Sinn Fein’s Phillip McGuigan praised NI Water for the provision of a dedicated hotline for elected representatives before speaking on behalf of absent Cara McShane. “There is still the issue of raw sewage spraying over the road between the Rope Bridge and Ballintoy to be dealt with and she is disappointed that Harbour Road is not included and people there are still having to use their septic tanks.”

Independent Padraig McShane added: “With regards the hotline, it works very well but it slows up the infrastructure and creates other problems. There are a number of problems in Ballycastle and it’s a sticking plaster over a lot of issues. The water treatment plant has stalled on a number of occasions, will all the issues be ironed out to allow it to move on? The issue of the spray coming up needs addressed, it can’t continue blowing up over tourists along that part of the road.”

Gavin McCready, NIW, said the new treatment plants would alleviate these problems, but added: “I will pass on all of your concerns.”