New walkway would enhance tourism in Bushmills

AN ambitious plan to create a new walkway through a picturesque area along the River Bush in Bushmills is being explored by the village’s Forum committee.

The development has targeted the area from the Salmon Hatchery to Walk Mills which stretches along a beautiful part of the river and, if successful, would prove a huge attraction for tourists and locals.

Mr Bob Headley, chair of the Forum, and his fellow members have been exploring the project for some time and have been in negotiations with Sir Malcolm McNaghten part of whose land would be required to facilitate the scheme.

Mr. Headley said Sir Malcom had been co-operative with the Forum and had shown great interest in the proposals.

Moyle District Council has been consulted and the Forum has been working closely with officials for grant aid to enable them to draw up preliminary plans not only for the walk but for other aspects of village enhancement.

The Forum feel that such a development would provide another tourist attraction for Bushmills which would add to a growing number in the village.

Mr Headley commented: “The walkway has marvellous potential to extend back upstream to Stranocum and East to the Causeway and beyond.

“It’s all aimed at putting Bushmills village on the tourist map in an even greater way than now. We will be working hard to see it come to fruition.”