New programme for Cardiac Support Group

The Causeway Cardiac Support Group have announced their programme for 2012/2013.

The agenda is as follows:

11th September 2012 - Digital Changeover. Speaker: Sarah Christie.

9th October 2012 - Healthy Eating. Speaker: Pat Cusick, Dietitian.

13th November 2012 - W.F. Marhall-The Baird of Tyrine. Speaker: Alex Blair.

11th December 2012 - Christmas Dinner.

The Annual Dinner and social dinner will take place on Tuesday 11th December at the Royal Court Hotel Portrush at 7pm sharp.As usual music will be provided by Liam McLaughlin. It is hoped to have one other artist present. Cost is £19.00 per person.

8th January 2013 - Titanic Remembered. Speaker: George Dallas.

12th February 2013 - The way things used to be. DVD Presentation.

13th March 2013 - Kennedy Kain Mcarthur. Speaker : Keith Beattie.

9th April 2013 - Growing up in a country shop in Donegal. Speaker: Pearl Hutchinson

14th May 2013 - A.G.M

June 2013 - Bus trip to be arranged.

Money to be collected at each meeting, £1 each please. Car parking is free for members. Car parking charges paid by for the Causeway Cardiac Support group.

* Office Bearers: President: Canon Walter Quill M.B.E, Chairperson: Trevor Adams. Secretary: Joyce McBride. Treasurers Charity: William Carey Group: Kenny Campbell

Committee: Anne Black, Mary Campbell, David Dickie, Irene Dickie, James Dobbin and Pamela Hutchinson.

Official Photographer Redmond Mclean.