New playpark needed in Carneil Park area of Waterfoot says McAllister

A CHILDREN’S play park is needed at Carneil Park in Waterfoot, Glens Sinn Féin councillor Noreen McAllister says.

“In response to the residents from the various housing estates concerns I have had discussions with Moyle Council officers to explore the options for the siting of a play park,” she said.

“The greater area has in excess of 250 dwellings but there is nowhere for young children to play in in the immediate vicinity other than their streets in which they live. There is a play park facility out beside the hurling field which is approximately a half a mile out but parents have told me that they have grave concern for their children’s safety as to access this play park as they have to cross a very busy main road which has traffic coming and going into the village 24/7.

“Myself and the parents believe the potential exists to site some form of play facility in the area and we are actively looking to identify a suitable location within easy, safe walking distance for both children and parents.

“It is my intention to consult with all residents in the forthcoming period through which we can offer some suggestions to Moyle District Council for moving forward with this initiative and of course to listen to any views and ideas which they may have.

“The Waterfoot community is entitled to the same provision of services as anywhere else in the Moyle area.”

Meanwhile, Councillor McAllister appeals to people using play parks and open spaces in the area not to leave glass bottles behind them as they often end up being smashed which brings many dangers.

Cllr Mc Allister said: “I was contacted by my constituent who was very annoyed that her child had to be taken to the doctors after cutting her leg on pieces of broken glass which was strewn on the ground of the park and she wanted me to highlight this incident so that no other child would get injured and the dangers this presented.

“I receive complaints regularly from parents and grand parents with young children who would use the play parks and green spaces and are concerned about the amount of broken glass, litter and dog foul they are faced with on a regular bases.

“I appeal to people who use these play areas to do their bit to prevent any other child getting hurt and play a part in keeping our children safe when they are out and about enjoying the bright evenings.”