New lambs raise a few eyebrows at Ballintoy farm!

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THE past week may have brought some unexpected Spring-like weather which many will link to all sorts of unseasonal developments particularly in the horticultural field, but newly-born lambs at this time had one local farmer raising his eyebrows.

The Jamison family have a large flock of Texel sheep on their Ballintoy farm and within the last two weeks have been keeping a close eye on four new arrivals.

Brian Jamison admits that it was a totally unplanned event and could have been down to a stray ram which made an unscheduled visit to his farm around Easter, but is more than happy to welcome the new lambs into the fold.

“Clearly, the ram brought Easter eggs of a different nature to the proceedings,” Brian joked.

“Lambing is traditionally around March and you wouldn’t expect this sort of thing to happen until a bit later since the year.

“In theory, these Texel could have three ‘crops’ in one 12-month period,” he added.