New Beginnings – helping local people get back to work

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In a house called The Red Door @ The Corners in Balnamore activities are community focused. Mums & Tots, Youth Drop In, Breakfast Clubs, Community Association Meetings and more are on going.

Now in response to the increasing number of people looking for work in the area Free Workshops giving Support & Training called ‘New Beginnings’ are being held for those seeking employment.

Karen Graham the ‘New Beginnings’ course creator said ‘Most of the courses which help people back to work are focused on those who have been unemployed for 6 months plus. We realise that there are a lot of people who have been made redundant recently and need help and advice now.’

The Workshops are held on a Monday nights over a five week period starting on 27th February at The Red Door @ The Corners. By the end of the workshops those attending will know what employers are looking for, given help to write their own CV, advised on how to fill any skills gaps and be prepared for an interview process.

Those interested in taking part in the Free ‘New Beginnings’ Workshops can do so by contacting Karen on 07826092023, or Trevor 07736926873 or e-mail