New band with a familiar flavour!

A new band with an experienced line-up is entertaining crowds in the North Antrim area.

Good Company is made up of Malachy Laverty, Maurice Crumm and Jamie Laverty who have been around the scene for longer than they care to remember.

The boys have been with the well-known Glensmen, Glen Country, Frankie McBride and the Polka Dots, Countrymen, Kathy Kane, Limelight, Just Good Friends and, stretching back to the 60’s and 70’s, the Young Stars.

There is no doubting the talent and know-how the boys will bring to their new band, ‘Good Company’ and, already, they have been getting good reaction.

Local dates include the British Legion in Ballymoney this Saturday night and Coleraine British Legion on Christmas Eve.

The Boat Club at Larne is another date on New Year’s Eve.

The boys play a mix of everything and bookings can be made by contacting 07970 942419.

More details and picture later.