New Anti-Racism League concern’s over Ballycastle feeder parade


A newly formed group called the Ballycastle Anti-Racism League is to make a presentation to the Parades Commission over its concerns about a Black Saturday feeder parade in Ballycastle.

The group says it is concerned that Moyarget’s Silver Plains Flute Band will enter the town to march on the Lammas Fair weekend.

Group Public Relations Officer Padraig McShane said: “Ballycastle Anti Racism League will highlight growing concerns of sectarian based prejudice and discrimination directed at local communities while given legitimacy through the medium of triumphalist parades.

“The group harbours hopes of a more pluralist society which we believe can develop when we tackle supremacy based on race, religious affiliation or sex. The antagonism directed against anyone based on nothing more than their religious identity will no longer be given sanctuary and will be exposed.

“The group has no objections to parades commemorations or religious ceremonies but they should be conducted in a manner and a location that enjoys and revels in them. We believe we have gathered sufficient evidence to present to the parading quango to give them cause for concern.

“Our group will remain open to talks with anyone to address concerns around racism sectarianism and supremacy. We invite the main protagonists to be as confident in their position,” he concluded.