Neighbours jailed for ‘fed to a dog’ threat

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A workman carrying out road repairs in Ballymoney was told his face would be slashed and he would be ‘fed to a dog’ after being confronted by two knifemen, a court heard on Monday.

Two neighbours, who lived close to the work scheme, were jailed at Coleraine Magistrates Court, for their role in the late night incident.

Lee Buick (30) and Christopher Harrigan (31), both of Gate End, Ballymoney, were jailed for four and three months respectively, arising out of the Castle Street incident, on September 6.

Both admitted charges of possessing knives in a public place and disorderly behaviour.

Buick was further charged with tampering with a vehicle and Harrigan further admitted resisting police and possessing a ‘credit card style knife’.

A prosecutor said at 10pm police received a report from Roads Service staff about two drunk males carrying knifes who threatened their staff.

An employee said a man tried to get into a vehicle and when challenged the men offered to fight him and knives were “pulled” on him.

The workman said in a statement to police he was told his face would be slashed and one of the men said he would “feed me to his dog”.

Police found Buick had a large kitchen knife down the back of his jeans and Harrigan had to be warned with CS spray to get him under control.

Buick’s lawyer said her client had been drinking with a neighbour and the alcohol mixed with his medication and he was “appalled” by his behaviour.

Harrigan’s defence lawyer said his client had a pen-knife in his pocket which had been left there. And he said the credit-card-style knife was a novelty item given to him by his wife which us used for DIY and for opening letters. He said alcohol was a factor in the case.

District Judge Liam McNally said it was a serious case in which men going about their work were threatened. Buick, who had previous convictions, was jailed for four months and Harrigan for three months. They were released on their own bail of £500 pending appeal.