Neglected puppy found in Ballymoney skip starting to recover

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A tiny puppy abandoned in a Ballymoney dump is recovering from its horrible injuries.

The puppy was discovered by a man who was taking rubbish to a local skip.

Sean McIntyre, charity co-ordinator for Benvardin Animal Rescue Kennels, said the animal had been left in an horrific condition.

“The dog’s face was completely covered in mange, even in below its legs, all its joints were red raw,” he said.

Mange is a skin disease of mammals caused by parasitic mites. It is characterised by severe itching, hair loss, and the formation of scabs and lesions.

“Even the dog warden was shocked when he saw it and he sees things like this on a daily basis. It’s an extreme case of animal cruelty. For somebody to do that, it just makes you think what would they do with their children.” he said.

Ballymoney UUP councillor Darryl Wilson paid a visit to see the pup - who has been named Nelson.

Cllr Wilson said: “Nelson was handed into our dog warden by Benvardin kennels, the pup was taken to the kennels after a member of the public found him abandoned.

“Unfortunately Nelson was in quite some discomfort initially as he has quite a severe case of mange. Thankfully our dog warden has made him feel a lot more comfortable in his temporary home, he has also been taken to the local vet by our warden.

“When we went to see Nelson today it was quite obvious that he is appreciative of the care and attention that our warden and staff are giving him as his tail was wagging as soon as he saw them coming.

“Nelson will be staying with our Council team for as long as it takes for him to recover and until he is in a position to be rehomed which could be quite some time. Our warden is making enquiries to find out a little more about Nelson’s background.

“I cannot thank or commend our staff and dog warden enough for the invaluable work that they are doing. The level of time, care and attention shown go far above and beyond what is expected.

“Nelson is in safe hands, happy, and on the road to recovery. I have absolutely no doubt that he will find a forever home with loving owners very soon.”