Last month, the Ballymoney and Moyle Times brought you the story of how an outraged dog-walker found these needles and syringes lying dumped in Conagher Forest.

Now five weeks later, the same reader has found the syringes and needles STILL lying in the forest despite him bringing the issue to the attention of the Forest Service on the day he found them AND the Times running a story on the dangerous fly-tipping.

The man, who asked not to be named, said he was amazed to see that the syringes and needles were lying in exactly the same place as they were two weeks ago.

“When I first found them, my dog ran straight over to them. Imagine if that had been a child who went over and picked up a needle?

“I told a Forestry worker I met that day about them and then when the story went in the paper, I assumed they would be collected immediately.

“But when I went back for another walk I couldn’t believe they were still there.”

One of the needles is clearly visible. inbm08-16s

One of the needles is clearly visible. inbm08-16s

The man decided to clear the area himself and, after returning home for protective gloves, he gathered up the needles and syringes (as you can see in the video on our website He then took them to a Council facility.

“I put them in general rubbish in a skip as I know that it will go to land fill and be buried under tonnes of rubbish where they can do no harm.”

A spokesperson for Forest Service said; “Following the previous report of dumping, Forest Service staff carried out a clear-up operation removing various illegally dumped materials.

As forests cover a large area of land with challenging terrain conditions, as much information as possible should be provided to authorities to clarify the exact location of any dumped materials. We would encourage users of Conagher Forest to contact Forest Service on 02866 343165 to report any concerns regarding 
this forest.’