Mums ‘swing’ into action over playpark

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Armoy mums have been upset by Ballymoney Council’s decision to remove a set of swings from Fernbank Park - despite Council assurances that the move was prompted by health and safety concerns.

The residents say that the four swings were removed from the small playpark (right) last Wednesday without any guarantee of replacement.

Mum Lorna McAllister told the Times: “It’s really disappointing that we haven’t been told what is going to happen with our playpark. It may not mean much to other people but we live out here miles from anywhere so those swings were really important. I’ve got to meet so many other people just by taking my wee one to the swings.

“I appreciate that it did need upgrading but did they just have to whip everything away without telling us if we are getting anything back again?”

A petition has now been set up to urge Council to replace the swings. “All the councillors have been contacted about this issue,” said Lorna, “as the decision will lie with them. Unfortunately it probably won’t be debated until after the summer break.”

A spokesman for Council said that the park and swings were “past its sell-by-date”.

“In the short term we have taken it away before someone gets hurt with a view to replacement but it’s with councillors who have had a report on all parks in the Borough.” The decision about the future of the Fernbank Park swings will be considered by Council later in the year.