Mulholland calls on TNI to repair severe rural potholes quicker

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Loughgiel Sinn Féin Councillor Kieran Mulholland has called on Transport NI (previously Roads Service) to repair rural potholes quicker than is happening presently.

“There were three severe potholes on the Glenbush Road last Winter until last week. I welcome the repair but it took far too long for action to be taken. TNI explained to me that, contrary to common belief, they are under no obligation to use highlighting paint in the meantime - this paint is only used in cases where staff believe it is needed to help locate the pothole in the future. So months went by with road-users at best having to swerve sharply to avoid the three potholes. Each time I brought up the Glenbush Road with TNI, they replied the potholes haven’t met ‘actionable depth’. For me, this all amounts to a very poor service for rural dwellers who pay rates, often higher, than townsfolk.

“There is now a large and dangerous pothole (picture attached) on the neighbouring Altnarichard Road. It is up to TNI to demonstrate a good service to rural dwellers and fix the pothole forthwith. I have brought this very serious pothole to the attention of TNI in recent days and and await their response however i will continue to lobby for potholes such as the one on the Altnarichard Road to be fixed within a reasonable time-frame for the safety of all the road users in the area.”