MS patients’ contributions ‘most poignant’ at public meeting: Cunningham

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The chairman of Moyle District Council has said that the personal stories of MS patients who spoke out at Monday night’s public meeting against the closure of the Dalriada Hospital respite unit were the “most poignant” aspect of the night,

Cllr Donal Cunningham spoke of the “tremendous” turn out of almost 1,000 at Sheskburn House.

The main hall was quickly packed to capacity so the proceedings were relayed to those in other rooms and corridors via large TV screens.

Such was the interest in the public meeting that people even stood outside listening in through open windows.

Cllr Cunningham said: “The most poignant contributions were from the service users and in particular the MS patients.

“These were heartfelt stories.

“It was a wide ranging meeting and I was delighted with the turn out.

“I am confident that public and political pressure will overturn the decision to close the MS respite unit as no one was fooled by the temporary closure.

“I am asking people of the area to fight like never before to save Dalriada Hospital,” he concluded.