Moyle police to hold meeting in Bushmills

MOYLE PCSP (Policing & Community Safety Partnership) was formed in 2012. The Partnership aims to address issues and concerns that the Moyle community have in relation to crime, anti-social behaviour and Policing. The PCSP will be hosting its first annual general meeting on Thursday 16th May in the Bushmills Community Centre, Bushmills at 7.00pm and invite members of the public to attend.

At the meeting, Inspector Bryan Hume from the PSNI will be delivering 12 month report on crime in the area, highlighting concerns or emerging issues and providing information on how the PSNI is meeting the targets of the Moyle Policing Plan.

The meeting will also focus on the annual general report on the PCSP performance in its first transitional year whilst key speaker’s Detective Inspector Andy Dunlop and Mr Eddie Alcorn will focus on drugs and anti-social behaviours as these have been identified as key concerns for local people.

The PCSP is delighted to have such a range of speakers to provide information and advise from their particular areas of expertise and to respond to any questions or queries that the audience may have in relation to the topics presented.

If you are unable to attend the event but wish to have a query answered relating to crime, policing or community safety you may contact any PCSP member individually or Bridgeen or Orlaith in the office on 02820762225 and the matter will be raised on your behalf.

If you are unsure of the membership of the PCSP, details can be found on the Moyle Council website or you may wish to call the office for this information.

The PCSP is made up of elected representatives, independent Members and representatives from statutory agencies and you will have a local contact based in your area.

The PCSP is still a relatively new body with a wide remit. A spokesperson said: “We are aware that there are many issues or concerns the community may have in relation to community safety and policing and we recently carried out an extensive consultation to identify what are the key issues important to people in the Moyle area and developed an extensive action plan for 2013/14 to address and target the issues identified which involves the delivery of a wide range of projects, providing platforms for public discussion and challenging where necessary statutory and government policy and actions.

“We are keen to continually seek your views and concerns relating to Policing and Community safety you can do so by attending any of our public meetings, contacting PCSP members or staff directly.”

For further information on this event or the PCSP please contact Bridgeen Butler or Orlaith Quinn on 02820762225.