Moyle PCSP is a ‘positive’ step

Chairperson of the Moyle Policing and Community Safety Partnership Cllr Cara McShane has described the first annual meeting as a ‘very positive and worthwhile engagement’.

The meeting was held in Bushmills Community Centre and was attended by over 30 members of the public and the PCSP were delighted to have a number of young people attending.

“It has been a privilege to host the position of PCSP chair for this first and formative year and an honour to work with the range of individuals and organisations to respond to and meet community safety needs,” said Cllr McShane.

Neighbourhood Inspector Bryan Hume presented the PSNI 12 monthly report which highlighted that overall crime in the Moyle area is showing a decrease of 10.2% in the financial year 2012/13. Detection rates are also slightly higher but very similar to last year, 24.1% compared to 23.1% and there has been no significant increase in any crime category. Inspector Hume also went on to provide an update of PSNI performance against the targets set out in the Moyle local policing plan and advised the audience of the their policing within the community activities

Detective Inspector Andy Dunlop from the PSNI Serious Crime Unit then spoke on drugs and highlighted the type of covert operations they carry out to address drug crime throughout Northern Ireland.

The final presentation of the evening came from Mr Eddie Alcorn who concentrated on anti-social behaviour and highlighted how everyone in the community has a collective role in reducing and eliminating these behaviours from our local communities. Mr Alcorn commented that if anti-social behaviours go unreported then agencies simply cannot respond and as a result the situation can often grow increasing concerns and fear within the local community. Mr Alcorn urged the audience not to be tolerant of such behaviours and to play an active role in addressing these through reporting and working in partnership with the relevant agencies.

At this point of the meeting Cllr McShane opened the floor for the audience to ask questions to any of the speakers which were forthcoming and wide ranging.

At a later private meeting of the PCSP Cllr Joan Baird took up the mantle as new Chair of the Moyle Policing and Community Safety Partnership from Cllr McShane.

During this meeting members acknowledged the positive participation and contribute that the local community had made at the earlier public meeting and expressed their delight at the number of young people who had attended.