Moyle has lowest rates of crime in entire policing district

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Moyle Area Commander Brenda Cairns has described the crime statistics for Moyle as a broadly positive picture.

Overall, crime is up in Moyle by 10.1%, following an increasing trend across Northern Ireland. However, Chief Inspector Cairns stressed that Moyle has the lowest rates of crime in the entire policing district as she looked at some overall aspects of the statistics.

She explained: “Domestic burglary, more commonly known as break-ins, increased by 16 this year.

Crime Prevention Officers are working hard with communities to raise awareness of the importance of locking doors and windows and taking the simple measures that reduce your chance of becoming a victim of burglary. This work is brought into sharp focus by the increase in incidents.

“Police have made more arrests for drugs offences (up by 22 incidents) this year than last and taken a large amount of drugs off our streets.

This demonstrates our commitment to keeping people safe by tackling the illegal drugs trade. Operation Torus ran across Northern Ireland last winter and saw arrests and drug seizures made in the Moyle area, both in towns and rural areas.

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“Our work in tackling the drugs trade continues outside of specific operations and involves all of our officers. Arrests for lower lever drug offences are made frequently across Moyle. We ask local people for their assistance in tackling drug dealing by contacting us with any information on drug dealers in your area. You can speak to your local officers out and about, call police on the new non-emergency number 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

She explained that violence with injury was up by 16.2% continuing: “Violence with injury can cover a wide range of crime types. It ranges from domestic abuse behind closed doors to more visible alcohol related street disorder. Police work in partnership with statutory agencies such as the council, voluntary organisations such as Woman’s Aid and businesses associated with the night time economy in order to tackle this crime type.

“While we are concerned that this crime type has increased we expect that increased reporting by domestic abuse victims acocunts for some of this. This increased reporting is a positive aspect of the statistics.

“A crime is cleared when a suspect is arrested and charged. Crime outcomes may include charges, summons, cautions, discretionary disposals or penalty notices.

“Clearances are down in Moyle by 4.5%. We hope and expect to improve upon this figure next year.”