Moyle councillor raises house intruder concerns

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A MOYLE councillor has urged the community to be on the alert for household intruders.

Sinn Féin Glens Councillor Noreen McAllister has urged residents in the Glens areas to ensure that they lock the doors in their homes to prevent walk in burglaries.

Her comments follow an incident in the area she was made aware of through community engagement with local residents.

Councillor McAllister said: “I was out doing a bit of community engagement in Waterfoot when an elderly couple told me their horrendous story of an incident.

“I had called with this couple to inform them of a project that was taking place through Moyle PCSP (Policing and Community Safety Partnership) that I currently sit on called Safe As Houses/VIP (vulnerable isolated persons) where people can get a home safety visit from the Crime Prevention Officer who then informs them of different home safety equipment they can get all free of charge.

“The couple went on to tell me that they were sitting in their house one evening when they heard a noise at the back of their house. When the lady went to investigate she came across a man standing in her kitchen. The man made off and thankfully stopped him/ them from carrying out their crime.

“The elderly couple who were the victim of this crime were naturally upset at the thought of what might have happened to them both and wanted me as a public representative to let the general public know that this is going on in the area. The culprit in this case gained entry to their house through an unlocked backdoor.

“I would appeal to people to re-think about their security in their homes or who are just nipping out to the shop, leaving children to school or going to Mass to ensure they lock their doors at all times. The criminals carrying out these acts are always on the lookout for their next victim and can be in and out of a house in a couple of minutes.”