‘Moyle could have new tourism facility for one percent rates rise’

A new Tourism-Leisure facility in Moyle would increase rates by as little as one percent under a new super-council arrangement set to be in place by 2014, Independent councillor Padraig McShane says.

He says rates are set to fall further for the residents of the Moyle district as they become part of a new local government structure.

Following months of work the councillor has presented a case for the development of a Tourism-Leisure facility on the Quay Road, Ballycastle.

Cllr McShane proposed that Moyle prepares a robust case for the development to be put forward to the transition committee for consideration. The transition committee is made up of councillors from Ballymoney, Coleraine, Limavady and Moyle areas that are set to make up the Causeway Coast and Glens ‘super-council’.

Councillor McShane, himself a member of the committee, said: “The making of a case for this facility was never going to be easy. The history of Moyle has been one of excessive rates bills and very poor services. To develop a facility of that nature today would increase the rate by fifteen percent in Moyle. To develop it through the new super-council structures will increase the rate by only one percent.

“That fact belies the truth in real terms. Moyle ratepayers will see a substantial drop in their rates as an equilibrium is created throughout the Super Council area.”

The councillor has visited several Leisure facilities and several Council areas to find out what ‘Best Practise’ models are being used to provide swimming and leisure facilities.

Councillor McShane continued: “What others take for granted, the people of Moyle have been asked to do without. Our job as councillors is ... to provide services for residents. Moyle must position itself to address a historical legacy that has seen the needs of the local community, the business sector and indeed the tourism sector be ignored because of its geographical isolation and low population base.

“The needs analysis has already been completed alongside a robust business case performed by one of Europe’s leading Leisure consultancies. It evidences the requirement of this facility in Moyle. The multi-million pound investment is a must for the sustainability of the North East corner of the new Super-council.”