Moyle chair praises Giro efforts

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Moyle Council Chairperson, Cara McShane, has congratulated all of those involved in ensuring the massive success of the Giro d’Italia ‘Big Start,’ which saw Day Two passing through seven areas in the Moyle District.

This was the 11th time the race had started outside of the Bel Paese [‘Beautiful Country’] and the first time it has left mainland Europe. The successful bid from Ireland to host the first three days proved a massive success with many within the cycling fraternity hailing it as the most colourful and the best welcome ever in any host country.

Cllr Cara McShane praised the efforts of local businesses; community organisations; individuals and hundreds of volunteers who worked so hard to ensure that the entire Moyle area gave a huge welcome to the thousands of people who travelled here to watch the race and for the millions of people who watched on television screens and on the internet right across the globe.

The Chairperson of the Council said: “When the announcement was made officially some time ago that Ireland would host the first three days of the Giro d’Italia, the entire community threw their support behind it. As well as dressing the entire route, the Council along with cycling groups, sporting organisations, volunteers, businesses and community groups, added to an impressive programme of events leading up to the main event.

“The weather failed to dampen the festival atmosphere on the day, with thousands of people taking in the spectacular views throughout our coastal district and taking in the immense occasion as almost two hundred of the world’s top cyclists passed our doorsteps.

“I would like to commend every individual person who contributed to the experience for everyone who chose to watch the race within our district. I would also like to congratulate all of the businesses, whether they participated in the Best Window Dressing competition or not. The creativity, quirkiness and overall impact throughout Moyle was second to none.

“I have no doubt that the benefits from a tourism perspective will be long lasting. It is another example of our ability to host world class events and more importantly it has proven the power of partnership working.

“I would like to wish the cyclists and their teams the very best of luck and safe travels, as they continue on with the Giro d’Italia back in Italy for a further three weeks.”