Mother warned family would be ‘wiped out’

Jim Allister
Jim Allister
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The Cloughmills mother whose family was hit by a car on their way to school had warned that they would be “wiped out”.

The woman had spoken to North Antrim MLA Jim Allister about her concerns just three weeeks ago.

“I am appalled by the tragic news from Cloughmills,” said Mr Allister.

“The event is all the more distressing because just three weeks ago the mother called at my office and warned that because the Education and Library Board was failing to provide transport for her children they would be “wiped out” some morning on the road. The lady was particularly concerned that this situation was continuing into the winter months.

“I am most distressed that her words have proved to be much more prophetic than anyone would have thought.

“I wrote to the Transport Department of the North Eastern Education and Library Board highlighting the fact that she had to bring five children to meet the school bus in Cloughmills because the NEELB refused to collect the children close to their own home.

“The fact that this accident waiting to happen had been highlighted to the Education and Library Board and their inactivity continued lays responsibility on the NEELB as well as the driver involved.

“I am very angry and distressed that this situation was allowed to develop.”