More than 1,400 over 75s in Ballymoney enjoying a free TV licence

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Almost half a million people could apply for a free TV Licence over the next 12 months, as more than 460,000 people across the UK celebrate their 75th birthday in the coming year.

TV Licensing is reminding anyone aged 75 or over they are eligible for a free TV Licence for their main address, as part of a month-long awareness campaign launched today which charity Age UK is supporting by helping TV Licensing to get the message to everyone aged 75 and over.

Over four million people across the UK are already enjoying the benefits of the concession, including more than 1,400 in Ballymoney, which applies to anyone 75 or over, regardless of income, or anyone living with someone aged 75 or over.

Although the concession is free, it must be applied for in order for the address to be correctly licensed.