‘More innovation’ needed for Portrush attractions

Waterworld Portrush
Waterworld Portrush

Portrush could be left with no attractions for families in bad weather if Waterworld is to close.

That was the view of many councillors attending last Tuesday night’s full meeting of Council at Cloonavin.

Councillors discussed the closure of the indoor wet play facility at last Tuesday night’s meeting, before it was pointed out that the discussions should be taking place behind closed doors, in committee.

Before that, worries were expressed by a number of councillors that with the loss of the Dunluce Centre and the possible closure of Waterworld, would leave Portrush with little to offer tourists, when the sun doesn’t shine.

DUP Councillor John Finlay said: “I want to raise the issue of the Waterworld situation.

“In the very recent past we made a decision to get rid of the Dunluce Centre. Now we are in the position where there is a recommendation to get rid of Waterworld. It might have been better if we had all these things before us at the same time. If we could have looked at them as an overall proposition, because while I do think that it may have passed its sell-by date, Portrush is a real tourist attraction. If Portrush doesn’t have something for a wet day, I think Portrush will be the loser.”

DUP cllr Sam Cole added: “I was down last week for a site visit and I enjoyed it, but to me it looks like we need to build up the tourist and leisure facilities in Portrush. We need expertise and business acumen, to find out what is the best way forward.”

SDLP cllr Stephanie Quigley added: “I think we have to be much more innovative than revamping existing facilities.” The councillor, who is a mother of five, suggested that council officers should explore potential options to bring back to members.

DUP councillor Duddy interupted the debate, pointing out that any discussions should be held in committee.

Members then agreed to leave the issue aside, and hold further discussions in committee, behind closed doors.