More chance of seeing the ‘Grey’ Lady than ‘brown’ signs: Reader

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The brown tourist signs at the Dark Hedges have been given another ‘green’ light.

During a recent Council meeting, members heard that a meeting supported by NITB had been held with Transport NI to discuss and agree locations for signs. It was also revealed that the signs were to be delivered jointly with the Hedges Hotel.

Members expressed concern at the delay in installation of the signs and the difficulties this was causing for visitors. However Cllr John Finlay welcomed the news adding: “Finally there seems to be movement. Hopefully they will be erected very soon.”

However in a letter to the Times, one local reader didn’t have faith in the news stating ‘there’s more chance of seeing the ‘Grey’ Lady than the elusive ‘brown’ direction signs’.

He continued: “Finally the Dark Hedges has reclaimed it’s true identity and the Game of Thrones bandwagon has been upstaged by a ghost!! To be honest, there is more chance of seeing the ‘Grey’ Lady than the elusive ‘brown’ direction signs promised over the years, among other things.

“In your article “Trust set to ‘progress’ Dark Hedges future” in May 7th this year, the CCGHT ‘hit back’ at concerns over the future of the site. As we are fast approaching the end of 2014, some of the answers now ‘ring hollow’ in peoples’ ears. The new guide promised for summer 2014 has only just been published and the tenders for “the design and installation of and interpretive panel at the site” have only recently been issued. Missed opportunities now that the tourist season is over.

“So what else has actually been achieved? - a new logo for The Preservation Trust and the removal of a lot of healthy limbs from the trees, the top of which have been dressed by fancy ‘crowns’. Meanwhile, large chunks of decaying branches still fall on the road. What about the removal of the fence? Not a good image for one of the world’s top ten tree tunnels!

“Great to see though that the long-suffering locals are not prepared to wait any longer and have erected some of their own signage - these people are the real champions of the Dark Hedges.

Yours Hedge Watcher (Name and address supplied)”