‘Money for flood prevention schemes’

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GLENS Sinn Fein councillors Colum Thompson and Margaret Anne McKillop have hailed a meeting between elected reps, Moyle District Council Environmental Services, NI Water, Rivers Agency and Roads Service as a positive step forward in combating flooding problems in The Glens.

The meeting had been called after a request at a council meeting in early August from Councillor Thompson.

Giving his reaction after the meeting Councillor Thompson said “It was good to see so many elected reps present, it shows how seriously the issue is being taken and how keen people are for a solution to be found.”

At the meeting the finance minister Sammy Wilson confirmed that money would be made available to install some flood prevention schemes.

East Antrim MLA Oliver Mc Mullan asked that the three agencies go away and draw up plans for flood prevention schemes and bring their proposals back to the table for consideration.

A site meeting will also take place in Cushendall on Tuesday the 25th of September where local councillors will bring agency staff to the areas worst affected by flooding.

Councillor Thompson added: “It is a welcome development that money has been committed and that NI Water, Rivers Agency and Road Service are now giving the problem the attention it deserves.

“For too long the people of The Glens have had to suffer with the impact and aftermath of flooding. I would like to that the minister, Sammy Wilson, East Antrim MLA Oliver Mc Mullan, NI Water, Rivers Agency and Road Service for giving this matter their attention and for the positive developments which have came as a result of this meeting.”