Molly’s modelling career takes off with Lidl advert

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WHEN Shelley Mullan registered her 10-year-old daughter with a modelling agency her career took off far quicker than anyone could have imagined.

Molly Mullan was signed up for the agency just before Christmas and by January she had received word that she was in line to feature in a LIDL advert.

But that was only the first stage of a lengthy procedure where Molly had to undergo a number of auditions.

And since the Agency had hundreds of young hopefuls on their books it was up to Molloy to put on a convincing display to the advert makers.

Her mum explained: “We were told that there wasn’t a great deal of work for kids in Northern Ireland but in January we received a telephone call to say that Lidl were doing an advert.

“Pictures of all the children in the agency were given to Lidl and we then had to attend an audition in Belfast.

“There were about one hundred young people present and they were placed in groups of fours to take part in tasks including stacking plastic cups on to two chairs. Why that I don’t know.”

Lidl then told parents not to be disappointed if they did not hear back from them again, however, Shelley and Molly’s dad, Sammy, were delighted to receive news that another audition was being arranged.

It was back to Belfast for all three where this time Molly was told she had been picked for the advert featuring a range of luggage promoted by Lidl.

“All the filming was done in a house in Belfast which the owners had let out.

“Molly was taken out before filming for dress fittings which delighted her no end,” Shelley said.

The filming took up a full day but Molly revelled in the limelight and told the Times she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Her mum and dad, who live just outside Ballymoney, were thrilled with how their daughter got on.

Shelley said: “Molly’s a real wee poser and sailed through the filming.”

Just how much the family think of Molly can be gauged by the fact that their very successful restaurant in Ballymoney is named after her.