Mobile phone contract extended

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Ballymoney Borough Council has agreed to extend their present mobile phone contract.

Addressing the issue at a recent Council meeting, Director John Michael explained that although ‘this technology was not a priority’ it helped employees to ‘do their job effectively’. He suggested that members agree to ‘role the present contract on until March 30 2015’.

He added: “This would allow us to use the mobile phones beyond the third week in September which is when the contract terminates.”

In response Cllr Evelyne Robinson questioned after she heard on the ‘grapevine’ that some councillors in the new cluster had received mobile phones.

The Director said he was ‘unaware’ of this, however explained that he was not asking for this Council to add phones on to the ‘limited contract’ adding: “My understanding is to simply continue to provide phones to certain folk to enable them to work efficiently for this Council.”

Ald Frank Campbell proposed to extend the contract.