Minnie The Minx takes over Giant’s Causeway

The National Trust has opened its doors to the nation’s best-loved cartoon characters this summer letting The Beano’s mischief-makers run riot across the north coast.

Minnie The Minx has been let loose on the Giant’s Causeway in this week’s issue of The Beano and it is the first ever time the National Trust has given fictional characters keys to all of its 300 homes and access to the 617,500 acres of land it cares for.

The Beano team of illustrators and comic whizzes have had full creative control as characters from Dennis the Menace to Billy Whizz conquer castles and race ponies across grand estates.

The Beano characters have invaded to help the National Trust bring its places to life and prove that its doors (and copious amounts of fresh air) are open to all – breaking down preconceptions of the organisation.

Commenting on the visit of Minnie The Minx and her father to the Giant’s Causeway, Max Bryant, General Manager, said: “Naturally we are thrilled that the Beano, an institution in its own right, has decided to explore the National Trust’s many lovely properties. The Giant’s Causeway already welcomes over 750,000 visitors annually. To add Minnie The Minx and her father to our list of famous visitors is brilliant. We had Mini pay a visit a few weeks ago, and she had a great time. She was quite a handful, as the Beano cartoon, on sale this week, shows.

“Whilst the Beano is always a special magazine for many children and families, it is even more special this week. We are planning on issuing copies of the Beano to children on site.”

The Gnashional Trust issue of The Beano goes on sale Wednesday 27th July. For a behind-the-scenes look at the takeover visit www.nationaltrust.org.uk/thebeano.