Minister attends Moyle PCSP

Moyle Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) held a very successful showcase event in the Marine Hotel on Friday which was attended by Justice Minister David Ford along with Mrs Anne Connolly, Chairperson from the NI Policing Board and Cllr Cara McShane, Chair of Moyle District Council.

PCSP Chairman, Cllr Joan Baird welcomed the guests, the public, the project promoters and all of the PCSP members to the event. Cllr Baird highlighted that the event was the first opportunity for all those involved in Moyle PCSP planning and delivery to be available collectively to meet with the public and promote their services and participation in PCSP activity. While the event aimed to encourage the public to increase their awareness of the PCSP members and the range of agencies and projects involved in the current years activities it also served as a networking event for key players to enhance future partnership working opportunities.

Cllr Baird expressed her pleasure that “Minster Ford and Mrs Connolly were able to take time out of their busy schedules to attend this event. DOJ and the Policing Board are the key strategic players and funders in the establishment and delivery of local Policing and Community Safety Partnerships and Moyle PCSP is delighted to be able to showcase how the strategic thinking is operating in practice in the Moyle area. The members and projects promoters really appreciated the kind words, recognition and encouragement that Minister Ford and Mrs Connolly shared with them during the event”.

Moyle Council Chair Cllr Cara McShane also spoke highly of the work being undertaken by the Partnership. Cara is a current elected member of the partnership and was the PCSP Chair during its first year and from her experience said she “was well aware and appreciative of the volume of work being undertaken by the PCSP to make Moyle not just a safer place but a more informed community as a result of the many public engagement events and educational programmes delivered as part of the PCSP plan”.

Members of the public had the opportunity to speak with all the agencies and individuals involved in the PCSP. They were also provided with the contact details they required should they wished to raise any concern about Policing or community safety in their localities or were interested in taking part in any of the scheduled activity.

The Showcase event was a hive of activity with a volume of information being exchanged between the PCSP and the public and between the agencies and organisations involved in the current plan. Cllr Baird commented that “Moyle PCSP is committed to the local community.”