Members have ‘designs’ on new Council logo


Members of a Council committee got a preview of some of the designs submitted by staff for the new Council logo at a meeting in Cloonavin last Tuesday night.

Over thirty designs were submitted and the top five were reviewed by a design company. At Tuesday’s meeting, two proposed designs were presented to the committee.

The first took the idea of the true shape of a Causeway stone and incorporated the swirls associated with the Bann Disc to represent the rivers that flow through each of the four areas. The second concept used colours from the four legacy councils and a Causeway stone.

There was a mixed reaction in the Chamber to the designs, and no decision was made, however members agreed that the presentation should be viewed again at the full council meeting, when all members are present.

Limavady councillor James McCorkell told the meeting that Limavady was ‘struggling’ to connect with the new Council. He said that some of the images - the Dog Leap, Mussenden Temple - that had been used in other designs would be ‘jumped at’ by Limavady people. His comments were echoed by Limavady Sinn Fein councillorr Brenda Chivers.

Council officer Liz Johnston told members that the logo had to work on something as small as a postage stamp.

DUP Cllr George Duddy didn’t like either of the two selected designs. He pointed out: “We are negating Limavady and Ballymoney - the Causeway stone is there for the people of Moyle and the swirls are connected to the Bann Disc which is significant to Coleraine.

“I think there needs to be more work done.”

UUP Cllr William McCandless added: “We are holding on to old identities, we have to move on.”

Mayor, Michelle Knight McQuillan was concerned about the time scale, she said that other councils had already agreed on their logos.

Council’s lead officer on the project, Liz Johnston told members that a special launch event will be held when the logo is selected to showcase it to the residents of the Borough, telling the story of the new brand.