Megaw Park a “disgrace” says Ballymoney grandad

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A BALLYMONEY grandfather has described the town’s Megaw Park as a “disgrace” but Ballymoney Council says that it has taken steps to rectify the situation.

Alfie Archibald contacted the Times with his concerns after he visited the park last week with his wife and their twin five-year-old grand-daughters.

During their visit, the family group stumbled upon a huge rusty hook lying among the protective bark which cushions the floor of the playpark.

Alfie was so outraged at the state of the park that he took photographs to show what greeted the family during their visit.

“We were disgusted to find a steel hook lying on the ground. Someone could have been badly hurt if they fell on that.

“At the same time, the back fence was lying toppled over and the park is really in a terrible state.

“We also noticed that there are a lot of roots growing up through the ground which a child could easily trip over and hurt themselves on.

“W have been to the park many times over the years and it’s a disgrace the way it has become so run down.

“In fact, our grandson wanted to go to the park the other day but we wouldn’t take him as it’s so dangerous.

“I just wonder how smaller playparks in other areas can be so well kept when this park in the middle of the main town Ballymoney cannot be kept to a good standard.”

The Ballymoney Times contacted Ballymoney Borough Council for a response to Mr Archibald’s criticism.

A Council spokesperson said: “The park is checked on a daily basis. The ‘broken’ fence was discovered on Monday and removed and pedestrian barriers erected as a temporary measure to secure the boundary.

“Council are aware that the fence is generally in poor condition and repairs will carried out to keep area secure and safe.

“No new fencing will be installed at the present time, bearing in mind there are plans afoot to modernise the entire Megaw Park site.”