Megan is cut above the rest!

Megan before. INBM20-15 S
Megan before. INBM20-15 S

Ever since Megan Morrison was little, she has only ever had her hair trimmed because she wanted to grow her tresses as long as Rapunzel!

That was until the ten-year-old from Rasharkin heard about the work of the Little Princess Trust.

Megan after. INBM20-15 S

Megan after. INBM20-15 S

When Megan found out that some children don’t have any hair because of the side effects of cancer treatment, she decided she wanted to help.

Even though she loves her long hair, she said: “Well I can grow my again and they can’t.”

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment and other illnesses.

The real hair wigs they provide are free to the children they assist though the cost of a single wig purchased by the charity is, on average, around £350.

On 18th April, Megan had her hair cut by stylist Jess Laverty of Precious Hair Salon in Ballymena.

Jess cut off a whopping 15 inches from Megan’s hair!

Megan smiled the whole way through the session and was “super pleased” to be able to donate so much hair.

Alongside the ponytail she has so far raised over £450 for Little Princess Trust and wants to thank all her generous friends and family.

Vivian Morrison told the Times: “As her parents we are very proud of Megan’s selfless attitude and are happy to know that her ponytail will make another 
child smile.”

You can donate to Megan’s fundraising on