Meeting of Association slammed

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THE annual meeting of Rasharkin Residents Assocaition due to take place this Tuesday night in the village’s Community Centre has been labelled by one person as ’one agenda’ event.

A leaflet sent to homes in the village gives details of the event and adds at the bottom: “Last summer residents suffered intimidation, sectarian abuse, violence and threats from loyalist bands. This summer we demand respect.”

However, one resident has taken issue with the tone of the leaflet and says that the Association seems concerned only with band parades and little else.

In a letter to the Times, the resident, who does not wish to be name, says: “My understanding of a Residents Association is that they represent all residents in the village, but this Association appears to target one or two parades about abuse, violence, threats from bands which I feel are unfounded.

“The violence comes from a republican element within the village during these parades and if this element showed respect for the rights of bands to parade without violence or intimidation then the parades would pass within two or three hours, yet the Protestant residents have to endure continual harassment down the street by young republican thugs.

“Just before Christmas there were two Protestant residents beaten up by a republican element from this village. I have not seen any condemnation of this attack by the Residents Association nor of the attacks on Protestant homes where these victims have been forced to leave their homes due to constant intimidation.

“As far as I’m concerned this Residents Association seems not prepared to condemn attacks on Protestant homes or attacks on Protestants so I don’t think they can call themselves a Residents’ Association.”