McShane welcomes forest support

A MOYLE councillor has welcomed the input and support of the local community in the Glens after a ‘Forwarder Machine’ used to extract logs was burnt out at Sleiveanorra Forest.

The vehicle belonged to a private contractor and was attacked by arsonists almost two weeks ago. It followed numerous incidents of theft of diesel from a number of plant machines in the area.

Independent Councillor Padraig Mc Shane said: “A number of individuals came forward to offer assistance in the Glens area following the arson attack. “Between them and the contractor a rota has been drawn up that will witness round the clock security for the vehicles at Sleiveanorra Forest.

“To replace this machine ‘second hand’ could cost as much as £150,000 and it is a pathetic action in an attempt to steal a few litres of fuel. Not only is it a direct attack on an outdoor resource in Moyle but it is a very personal attack on a private individual attempting to earn a living.”