McLean stands down as Imperial Master of ILOL

Outgoing IGM Alan McLean congratulates Bro Anderson
Outgoing IGM Alan McLean congratulates Bro Anderson

Bro James Anderson has been elected as the new Imperial Grand Master of the Independent Loyal Orange Institution.

Mr Anderson replaces Bro Alan McLean, who after five years, has decided to stand down.

Bro Anderson from Ahoghill, and a member of Garryduff ILOL No. 15, said he was ‘humbled’ to be following in the footsteps of men of the calibre of George Dawson, James McClure, Cyril Glass, Bertie Johnston and Alan McLean. He becomes the 30th Imperial Grand Master of the Institution which was formed in 1903.

Bro Anderson said: ‘This will be an historic year for our province as we join together to commemorate the Battle of the Somme, and this Institution will play its full part in those events. As well as a number of new initiatives that we plan to develop further in the coming weeks, I will continue to promote the principles and objectives of this Institution as we go forward. This will include a renewed push to abolish the undemocratic parades commission and the promotion of Protestant biblical principles throughout our society’.

The Minister for Social Development, Mervyn Storey MLA, a member of Mullans ILOL No. 34 was elected to the post of Deputy Imperial Grand Master. Bro Storey said he was honoured to be elected and that he looked forward to taking the institution forward in partnership with Bro Anderson.

“As we enter into a period of commemorations in our province, beginning with the Battle of the Somme this year and ending in the centenary of

Northern Ireland in 2021, I want to ensure that this institution plays a prominent role as we reflect and remember our history. There are many

challenges ahead, but this Institution has always punched above its wait, and I’m confident our best days lie ahead.”