McLean commends flute band conduct


A DUP councillor has commended Ballmaconnelly Flute Band for their conduct during Friday night’s parade in Rasharkin.

Cllr Alan McLean said: “Once again, in spite of the intolerance from a small and unrepresentative group of Republicans in Rasharkin, Ballymaconnelly Flute Band are to be commended for the way they conducted themselves on Friday evening.

“The Parades Commission determination for Friday’s parade was void of any logic - though this is hardly surprising from a body that has rewarded those who would seek to increase tensions and punish those who wish to express their Protestant culture in a peaceful manner.

“Last year I warned the commission that the outrageous decision to impose a single drumbeat must not become the norm. Despite all bands adhering to this illogical request, the commission through its rulings has proven that it is more than happy to trample the civil and religious liberties of Protestants so long as Republican demands are met.

“I commend the leadership shown by Ballymaconnelly Flute Band and offer them my full support for the future. The message from me is clear, the parades commission is unfit for purpose and must go.”