McLaughlin thanks BT for removing problem pole

SINN Féin councillor Cathal McLaughlin has thanked BT for the proposed removal of a pole on the Ballyveely Road just outside Loughgiel.

Councillor McLaughlin said: “After being contacted by a constituent from the Loughgiel area, he informed me he wished to build a replacement dwelling just yards from his own home to provide accommodation for a younger member of his family who is soon to get married.

“The problem was to provide a new entrance to the property which would include the removal of a pole owned by BT, and with even using the existing entrance, there was a major safety issue as it would block the vision of traffic leaving the premises, and the possibility of causing a serious accident. On receiving this information I assured him I would do all I could to resolve the situation.

“After consultation with BT on a local level, I was advised to contact their headquarters in England, and to my surprise they were not interested unless a major fee was paid - a fee which I was told could cost anything up to £2000 - £3000 to resolve.

“I immediately contacted BT again here in the north, and put in a request for a site meeting, which took place on 3rd May, and to the delight of the constituent, BT have now agreed to remove the pole at no cost to the persons involved.”