McKillop welcomes replacement tree for Bushmills

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TUV councillor Sharon McKillop has welcomed the replacement tree in Bushmills after receiving ‘numerous complaints about the pathetic excuse for a Christmas tree’.

In a statment to the Times, she explained: “Having received numerous complaints about the pathetic excuse for a Christmas tree erected by the council in Bushmills this year yet again I am pleased that the replacement is a great improvement on what preceded it.

“The original tree looked like something which had fallen off the back of a lorry rather that a symbol which conveyed something of the spirit of goodwill. It left locals feeling that they come off second best when it comes to Christmas in the Moyle Council area.

“The situation is all the worse because of the poor standard of the Christmas lights. Over the last number of years traders in the town have contributed literally thousands of pounds towards the cost of decorations. However, those purchased by the council (and it was left up to the council to make the final purchase) have proven to be substandard and already need replaced.

“Having said that, the tree which has now been erected in the village is a vast improvement on its predecessor and is a welcome addition to the Christmas decorations in Bushmills.”