McKillop says Moyle Council was ‘cold house for Unionists’

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As elected representatives paid tribute to Moyle District Council in its final days last Monday night, one Bushmills councillor blasted the local authority as a “cold house for Unionists”.

TUV councillor Sharon McKillop said Unionists wouldn’t “shed any tears for the passing of Moyle District Council”, adding “It delivered nothing for the minority.”

She said that while it was “an honour to be elected to represent” her local area, Moyle Council had been “a cold house for Unionists.”

She claimed there had been a “disparity when it came to funding” and said the Council Chamber had been “abused to discuss the latest Republican hobby horse”.

Cllr McKillop continued that Moyle had ignored the fact that it was part of the United Kingdom.

She finished by saying that no recognition had been given to the the sovereignty of the UK as the Union flag was never flown over the Council headquarters. Chairman Donal Cunningham said the remarks were “very disappointing”.