McKillop congratulates the ‘biggest losers’

Community News
Community News

Councillor Margaret Anne McKillop would like to congratulate everyone involved in ROBL 15.

The biggest loser was once again a great success with other 170 people taking part along with 19 motivators.

The goal of this programme is to improve the mental health and well being of the people taking part, to encourage weight loss and to increase fitness as well as enhance community relations.

With over 200 stone lost and everyone out exercising, be it in classes or just going walks together as well as quizzes etc to encourage socialising with a group of peers we may live close to but never really socialised with before, we can safely say it was a great success.

“As someone who took part in ROBL I can honestly say I have loved every minute of it and it has been great to have something running especially in the cold winter months when people are less likely to be motivated to get out and about,” said Councillor McKillop.

“This definitely gave everyone involved the push to get out and involved in the activities. A special thanks must go to all the organisers who have worked tirelessly and gave up a lot of their free time to ensure it was run effectively. Hopefully we can build on this each year and continue to make it a great success.”