McKillop concentrates resources

MOYLE TUV councillor Sharon McKillop has told the Times she is streamlining the number of committees and sub-committees she sits on so she can concentrate on issues that really matter.

She told Moyle councillors she is stepping down from a number of bodies outside the Council - Drainage Council NI; Forum for Local Government and the Arts; Moyle Arts Development Forum and Moyle Sports Advisory Committee.

In a statement to the Times, Cllr McKillop stated: “As an elected representative I am constantly aware of the need to balance my Council commitments with my constituency work.

“I do not believe in sitting on committees and sub-committees simply to develop a CV but rather believe it is of paramount importance that I concentrate my personal resources where I can best make a difference to the local community.

“I have therefore chosen to prioritise what committees I should serve on. My decision to step down from some Committees will better enable me to complete vital work within the constituency.

“I continue to serve on 18 committees and I intend to make good on my electoral promise to work actively within the local community rather than becoming a Council bureaucrat.”