McKillop: Arguments over titles deliver for nobody

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SDLP councillor Margaret Anne McKillop has said that a campaign waged against the SDLP by some on the new Causeway Coast and Glens council is “shallow point scoring and delivers for no one”.

Cllr McKillop said: “There are some members of the council who seem to believe that their time is best spent arguing over whether it has ‘borough’ status or ‘district’ status. This is a total diversion from the work that councillors should be getting on with.

“SDLP councillors intend to work to make life better for those who we represent.

“We will lobby and vote for change for the better.

“That means hard work on new planning powers, involving communities in area planning and delivering for ratepayers in this council.

“If others want to continue their campaign on the status of the council, which means nothing to our hard working rate payers, then that’s a decision for them.

“The SDLP will focus our time and energies on the issues that matter to local people.”

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