McIlveen praises Causeway centre

David McIlveen DUP MLA and Chairman of the Northern Ireland Assembly All Party Group on Tourism, has this week hosted a meeting of the group at the new Giant’s Causeway visitor centre.

The group (pictured below) had the opportunity to meet with officials from the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, the National Trust and Giant’s Causeway staff. Mr McIlveen was keen to find out more about access to this iconic site for his disabled and elderly constituents. The North Antrim MLA was hugely impressed to discover that the new visitor centre and surrounding areas have been catered with specific regard to those with mobility issues.

Mr MIlveen said: “At the visit this week, I was delighted to discover that the visitors’ centre has gone above and beyond any of the usual requirements for accessibility. There are now fully accessible trails, right out over the cliffs, so that everyone can make the most of the most beautiful walks and views in the world.

“I cannot commend the designers and staff of the centre and surrounds enough for the work they have done in relation to accessibility. “

These places of outstanding beauty should be, and with a little creativity, can be for each and every one of us to enjoy. I look forward to seeing this kind of best practice rolled out across all visitor attractions in Northern Ireland.”