McCandless responds to shocking Sinn Fein comments on violence

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Ulster Unionist Councillor William McCandless has described as ‘shocking’, comments by a Sinn Fein Causeway Coast & Glens councillor, in which he said that republicans ‘can never rule out any tactics, including violence.’

Councillor McCandless said: “The comments made by Sinn Fein councillor Tony McCaul are totally unacceptable and must be condemned, especially by his own party.

“For an elected representative, supposedly committed to democracy, to say that republicans ‘can never rule out violence’ is especially shocking given that only last week we saw an attempt made on the life on a prison officer in Belfast. These comments indicate that some Sinn Fein members at least, still regard the use of violence as a legitimate tactic to try and impose their will on others.

“It appears that councillor McCaul is harking back to the days of republicans seeking to move forward with the ballot box in one hand and the armalite in the other. His can only give succour to the fascists who continue to inflict their violence on a society that has rejected them and wants to move on.

“In November 2014 Gerry Adams said that republicans would use equality as a Trojan horse. From Tony McCaul’s comments it looks like some Sinn Fein members are also using democracy as a Trojan Horse.

“It’s over to Martin McGuinness and the Sinn Fein leadership to deal with this. Unionists will be watching closely.”