McArthur plaque is on the move

A PLAQUE commemorating Dervock’s Olympic hero KK McArthur is to be moved to a better position.

Ballymoney Council minutes stated: ‘In order to ensure that more people might more easily view the plaque, particularly in the run up to the centenary of his historic Olympic victory, it is recommended that the KK McArthur plaque is moved to a more prominent position either within the Museum itself or at its entrance.

‘Councillor (Evelyne) Robinson (DUP) felt that the Plaque should be given prominence as visitors enter the museum, that that would be a better site than where it is at the moment. Councillor (John) Finlay (DUP) and Alderman (Frank) Campbell (DUP) concurred with Councillor Robinson’s comments.

‘It was proposed by Councillor Robinson, seconded by Councillor Stevenson and agreed to recommend that the KK McArthur plaque be moved to a more prominent position within the Town Hall foyer and close to the entrance to the museum.’