Mayor’s praise for Robinson Hospital

THE Mayor of Ballymoney, Councillor Evelyne Robinson, has given a ringing endorsement to staff at the Robinson Hospital during the period when her husband was hospitalised there.

Councillor Robinson told a meeting of Ballymoney Council that she wanted to place on public record how kind and how courteous both her and her son treated by all staff when she visited Mr. Robinson who has since passed away.

The Mayor said that from the day and hour her husband went into hospital the treatment he received was exemplary, loving and affectionate.

“Desmond was cared for everyday with kindness and received the greatest of attention. His every need was met and I never ever went in to find him uncomfortable. I couldn’t begin to say how comforting it was and how grateful we are for the kind of care he was getting.

“At times it seemed to be so much greater in its entirety than some of the care he received in other places,” Councillor Robinson said.

Earlier, the Mayor spoke of the “seemingly limitless” communications the family had had following the death of her husband.

She said she deeply appreciated the visits from fellow councillors and officers and that she was most impressed by the fact that all parties within Northern Ireland were represented at her husband’s funeral - something he would have been immensely proud of.

“No party was left unrepresented at my home and one person told me it was the most uplifting funeral service he had ever been at which was a worthy tribute to the gentleman who conducted the service and to the gentleman in whose honour it was conducted.

“We miss Desmond immensely,” the Mayor added.