Mayor fumes over dumping on Armoy road racing circuit

Councillor Bill Kennedy at the scene of illegal dumping near Armoy. INBM52-14S
Councillor Bill Kennedy at the scene of illegal dumping near Armoy. INBM52-14S

Another example of fly tipping has emerged in an area that one leading member of the local community says must maintain a clean image.

Tyres, bags and various unwanted items have been dumped on the former narrow-gauge rail line on the link road between the Hillside and Ballykenver Roads near Armoy.

The Mayor of Ballymoney, Alderman Bill Kennedy, who runs a business in the area, said he visited the scene several weeks ago but, ironically, when he returned last week many of the tyres and other items had been removed. However, there was still plenty of evidence of debris and bags strewn around.

Alderman Kennedy described those who littered the area as completely irresponsible and warned that if they were caught they could face prosecution.

“My concern is not only the complete disregard these people have shown towards our countryside but this road forms part of the Armoy Road Racing circuit and with thousands of visitors coming here each year we want to maintain a good, positive image,” the Mayor said.

Alderman Kennedy, who is Clerk of the Course for the races, said it was easy for those to carry out their dumping by simply tossing the unwanted items over a bridge.

“It is this callous, selfish approach that angers me. People don’t seem to care. I’m often told about incidents where old kitchen appliances such as fridges, washing machines etc., are simply tossed into the hedgerows and ditches and then left for someone else to clear up the mess,” he said.

The Mayor also revealed that someone had deposited two old tyres in the forecourt of his petrol station – the second time this had happened.

“It costs money to properly dispose of tyres but some people don’t appear to want to pay the fee,” he added.