Mayor condemns recent robberies on old age pensioners

The Mayor of Ballymoney, Councillor John Finlay, has taken the unusual step of condemning recent burglaries in the town.

At last week’s monthly meeting of the council, Councillor Finlay referred to a number of burglaries involving old people and said he wanted to condemn them in the stronges possible terms.

“I think it is a terrible thing when you go home and find your house is ransacked or your handbag has been stolen.

“This is an horrific thing to happen to anyone especially pensioners.”

The Mayor said he had just heard about the incidents and had gone to see some of those involved.

He revealed that he also had plans to write to those affected.

“I just hope that the perpetrators are brought to justice. Anyone who steals from pensioners shoul dneed to think again about their actions,” the Mayor added.

Alderman Frank Campbell concurred with the Mayor’s remarks commenting: “The victims did not deserve this to happen to them. I know the families and I hope the perpetrators are caught because this is type of crime cannot be tolerated.”