‘Maximise benefits of Dark Hedges TV link’

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The Department for the Economy has been urged to put in place a long-term plan to maximise the tourism gateway opened by TV’s Game of Thrones phenomena.

North Antrim UUP MLA Robin Swann threw down the challenge to Minister Simon Hamilton in relation to the Dark Hedges and other attractions in the region.

Mr Swann said: “Given that there are only two series left, is the minister confident that the film and creative industries are sustainable enough to outlive the series, so that the production companies will keep coming back to locations in North Antrim?”

Responding, the minister stated: “I think we can focus on promoting the Dark Hedges in the short term. We are very fortunate to have secured the sixth series.

“There are at least two more, and who knows what the future holds with Game of Thrones? Northern Ireland has benefited from it through the promotion of certain places, whether it is the Dark Hedges, Castle Ward or wherever it might be. A lot of areas have reaped the benefit.

“I was in Ballintoy harbour, which is in the member’s constituency, over the summer. Again, that is a hidden gem in Northern Ireland. It was probably not visited that much in advance of the series, but now huge numbers go there. I think there are about 20 Game of Thrones tour experiences in Northern Ireland, and they employ people and provide a service for visitors.

“Perhaps the best and most important legacy is that for our film, television and creative industries in Northern Ireland. We have studios in the Titanic area that are full, we have new studios developing on the other side of the lough in Giant’s Park and there are studios in Banbridge.

“Whenever you look at the big studios in London that are full and see that studios are looking for capacity to make films, you see that Northern Ireland is very well positioned for the future thanks to the expertise we have developed through filming Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland.”

However, Mr Swann stressed he would like the long-term rewards of Game of Thrones to be invested in the local area.

He said: “Given the catastrophic job losses which North Antrim has suffered in recent years, I insist that the minister focus on ensuring that the benefits come specifically to my constituency.”


People who are blind (severely sight impaired), or live with someone who is, should make sure they aren’t missing out on a concessionary TV Licence which allows them to save 50% on the cost.

TV Licensing has been working with Director of RNIB Northern Ireland to make sure anyone who is eligible to receive the concession is aware and takes advantage of the reduced TV Licence fee. There are 18 blind licences in force in Ballymoney. Nationally, the number of blind concessionary licences has risen by 4% this year, with 41,392 blind concessionary licences issued in the UK 1 , up from 39,700, the previous year.

Increasing numbers of BBC shows are provided with Audio Description (AD), with over 20% of BBC output now audio-described – above the target of 10% set for broadcasters by Ofcom.

Anyone affected by sight loss can get TV Licensing information by email or in Braille, large print or audio by calling 0300 555 0300. An audio podcast about the concession is available online at audioboo.com/tvlicensing.